Incoach partners with Dathost

Kirjoittanut Christian
 17 elokuun, 2021
Incoach partners with a leading service provider Dathost, which provides the most stable and trusted gaming servers in esports.

As we move toward the fall and next semester it is time to spice up things at Incoach. This year we're taking our esports-courses a step further and so we have partnered with Dathost to support our journey. Dathost is one of the leading server providers when it comes to esports and CS:GO, and they host servers all the way from tournaments/leagues to matchmaking platforms. Reliability is really important for us and we want to provide the best education to our beloved students - this includes everything from high level coaching to stable servers.

What Dathost allows us to do, is easily add educational plugins into our servers, which also makes the coach's job easier. No more need to struggle with technicalities or figure out how to configure the servers - all in all our esports-services just got faster, better and stronger.

Our esports-education will reach 20 institutes and hundreds of students this year. While we're actively providing services here in Finland we're also actively looking for opportunities overseas. Dathost provides great news in this field as well, because their servers location can be configured in just one click. We are more than glad to have an international partner with us on this awesome journey. Here's for many more to come!

If you feel like trying out Dathost, please consider using our link to get 50% off the first month

Incoach esports coaching partners with Dathost

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