Incoach partners with Skybox

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 May 25, 2021
Incoach announces partnership with the leading CS:GO analytics tool Skybox.

Operating actively with multiple schools and hundreds of students requires top notch tools. To support that need, we have formed a partnership with Skybox. Skybox provides one of the most advanced spectating and analysis solution for CS:GO players and teams. Their tool provides many features the original Counter Strikes demo viewer lacks, such as instant rewinding, 2D and 3D views, transparent walls, pausing while being able to float around and so on. All of which add plenty of content and value to our courses and also support the coaches in their work.

"We're really excited to reveal this partnership with Skybox! So far we've depended on the original demo viewer and some third party tools but nothing has even come close to Skybox's features. Incoach is also really proud to present the possibilities Skybox brings and aims to increase their recognizability in Finland. We feel like it is really important to work together towards a common goal, in this case increasing the productiveness and sustainability of the esports ecosystem." tells the CEO of Incoach, Christian, about the newly revealed cooperation.

Incoach's esports coaching is heavily focused in Counter Strike and almost 95% of education is designed around that one particular game. Year 2021 brings many new partnerships with schools and other organizations which means the need for top notch esports education is in even higher demand. The first big steps for international coaching courses have also been taken at Incoach, and the company believes it can expand the recognizability of Skybox even outside the borders of Finland. More on these projects later in the summer.

We encourage you to look Skybox up on their website at and follow their social medias! If you're interested in this futures analytics tool feel free to hit us up and ask any questions regarding the matter or directly contact Skybox through their website!

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