End of esports semester 2020-2021

Kirjoittanut Christian
 June 5, 2021
Esports education of semester 2020-2021 comes to an end and Incoach want's to thank everyone involved in this awesome school year.

Incoach's esports education and coaching reached over 10 schools and 200 students last semester, being the largest number of esports students gathered together ever in Finland. Our education was part of high schools curriculum, vocational schools sports coaching studies and also as an after school activity.

We want to thank all the clients, partners and especially coaches for making this semester possible! It has been a really awesome and progressive year, and we're sure there are still many yet to come. For next semester, there are a few key changes:

We're currently developing an educational platform dedicated to our esports schools and students. It will consist of wide variety of educational material, such as in-game training, physical and mental well-being, life management, ethics, responsibilities and many others. The platform will be automatically available to all our esports students who want to develop themselves faster - we believe it brings great value for our passionate students to be able to research valuable information easily from a source they trust.

It has begun. First international projects are already in the implementation phase and many have been planned for next semester. We hope to expand our services overseas in the upcoming years even more, while also focusing on developing our education with tools such as the Incoach esports platform. More on these projects later on 😉

All in all it's been a great year and our team has grown tremendously - more than we ever could have hoped for. We wish you all the best, stay safe and remember: Esports is for everyone.

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